College Selection, Financial Aid Resources,  College Survival Skills Training

The Auffant College Connection (ACC) is a private educational consulting firm, that serves as a link between universities and Caribbean (Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Haiti), Central America (Panama), South America (Colombia) students.  ACC is not intended to replace the effective guidance and counseling provided in the secondary schools, but rather to supplement and complement their services.  ACC offers in-depth advising on college selection and how to pay for college.

ACC helps explore and define students educational objectives by enhancing the awareness of the many fine post-secondary educational opportunities available at colleges and universities through a series of planned interconnected programs.


  • Develop outreach/recruitment projects to students, parents, schools, four year/two-year colleges, corporate sponsors, churches, social agencies and other community organizations.
  • Facilitate the applicants in admissions procedures which includes colleges selection, mechanics of an application, testing and financial aid.  This involves regional projects at Caribbean, Central America and South American communities in ways that is rapidly accessible and useful in developing support networks among families.
  • Extend upon already existing students campus support services at colleges and universities by concentrating in both students academic and social adaptation to institutions.